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We teamed up with woman ran UNSECO protected artisans in Ecuador, the original origin of the Panama hat. Together we created a two tone wide brim sun hat.


Handcrafted out of 100% natural toquilla straw. Natural coloring on the left side, toasted toquilla on the right. A teardrop crown measuring 9cm & a slightly sloped brim at 13cm.


The Ivory & Mads is the perfect statement hat while staying practical with its design for sun coverage, its neutral colors, and quality build. 


This hat celebrates & honors indigenous women who weave the Panama hat. An art & craft that has been passed down among generations. 


Fits like a 57cm-58cm.


Adjustable- Velcro drawstrings under interior band. To perfect/downsize the fit up to 2cm.


Brim- 13 cm Height- 9 cm Structure- Stiff


Made in Ecuador

Ivory & Mads - Wide Brim Panama Hat


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