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The concept of Cabana was first born sitting on a beach in Montego Bay.   How wonderful would it be to leave our cold Canadian winters and have a cute little beach shop in a tropical setting.  Every winter vacation the same vision would recur.  It seemed like only a dream, but each year the vision became clearer.  The type of clothing, the fabrics, the vibe, and most importantly how it would make you feel.  

Fast forward a decade, and my husband and I decide to take a leap of faith and relocate our family from Toronto to Miami.  A 14-year career in real estate had left me yearning for something new and exciting.  And then one day it hit me.  I want to finally open that little shop.  Then almost immediately the stars align.  And within just a few days of my big decision, a location is found and a lease is signed.  Now it’s real, I’m doing this.  And what better name than ‘Cabana’, since the dream all began sitting underneath a cabana on the beach. 


Cabana Shoppe Aventura
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Our Brand

We are a lifestyle brand made for enjoying the sunshine.  Beauty in simplicity, and in nature is what we’re all about.  Living a life in casual elegance made from fabrics and material from Mother Nature herself. 


Ocean breeze, palm leaves, wear this ease. 


Our Vision

We are a feel good brand.  That began with an ideology that feeling comfortable in your skin, your clothing, and your surroundings are as important as the air we breathe.  


We then decided very early on that if we are to be a true feel good brand,  that also meant feeling good about the companies that we align with.  We choose products that are ethically and responsibility made.  It is important that we partner with brands that take care of the people of this earth, as well as the earth.   

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